Input Devices

Addressable SLC input devices and sensors.

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58000-650ADV Advanced Intelligent Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The low-profi le Intelligent Photoelectric Detector, with built-in dedicated microprocessor, offers a wide range of capabilities to suit any commercial, industrial, or institutional application.

AX-APS2-F2 Advanced Dual Action Manual Pull Station

Dual Action, Terminals, Keyed Reset, Red. Includes Red Alarm LED and Form C relay rated: 1 Amp@28V

AX-SL-DAA-P Advanced Intelligent Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector. 2 Wires: SLC Loop +/-

The Advanced Intelligent Air Duct Detectors are the latest innovation for early detection of smoke and products of combustion present in air moving through HVAC ducts in Commercial, Industrial, and Residential applications. The units are designed to prevent the recirculation or spread of smoke by air handling systems, fans, and blowers. Complete systems may be shut down in the event of smoke detection.

MB-SDRT-AA Intelligent 6", 4-Wire, Temporal/Steady Signaling Sounder Base (separate 24 Vdc power required)

The Intelligent Multi-Flex Sounder Base, with or without optional synchronization modules, provides advanced functionality and performance, delivering flexible otification capabilities for any installation. The sounder base offers selectable steady or temporal (NFPA 72 three-pulse) signal pattern output with a high or low volume level.